Top 5 List for Adventure Seekers

The holidays have come to an end & you have rung in the new year. Your family & friends have headed home, you have unpacked your suitcase or car full of gear & today is a new day. 2017 is full of hope, anticipation & desire. 

Today most people are making a list of New Year resolutions filled with wishes to change oneself image, position or outlook on life. But, that isn't you. You are out to live life outdoors & create another year filled with great adventure. 

You won't let life's many distractions get in your way & either will we! We sought to create a list of some well known & not so well known spots to visit across the US. 

Adventures are Forever! Let's Get Outside. 

1. Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Havasu Falls blue-green waterfall is hidden within the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Havasu Falls is part of the Havasupai American Indian Reservation, Havasupai, which means "people of the blue-green water". 

It will take you a difficult 12 mile hike to reach the beautiful waterfalls, but it is well worth it to see the beauty of the blue green waters. Come prepared as you will be hundreds of miles from civilization. 


2. Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Wyoming 

Grand Teton includes 4,000 meter Grand Teton peak, Teton mountain range & the valley known as Jackson Hole. There are over 200 miles of trails to explore. Backcountry reservations begin the first Wednesday in January. The region is filled with beautiful wildlife like bison, moose, wolves & bears. The National Park Service & Grand Teton Park have pulled together a helpful video for preparing for your backcountry trip. 


 3. Utah Slot Canyons

Peek-a-boo & Spooky Gulch are sand & rock slot canyons located 26 miles south of Escalante on the Hole-in-the-Rock-Road. It is recommended that you start with Peek-a-boo Gulch which is a narrow, twisted slot canyon about a .25 miles long. Groves for your hands & feet have been carved into the canyon walls to provide guidance down the 10 ft. high vertical rock formation. You can either choose to retrace your steps back through Peek-a-boo Gulch or follow along further to Spooky Gulch. Peek-a-boo Gulch is characterized as having fun interlocking swirls & arches cut into the red Navajo sandstone. Spooky Gulch is better known for it's dark turns & twist. 


4. San Juan Island, Washington state

San Juan Islands is full of vast marine life, whales & dolphins which feed in protected waters surrounded by snowcapped peaks. There is something for every adventurer from hiking, biking & kayaking. You will have views of Vancouver Island, The Olympic Peninsula & Haro Strait. You can visit local farms, take in local history & be surrounded by the arts while enjoying the beauty that San Juan has to offer. 


5. Harkers Island, NC, Cape Lookout National Seashore 

 There is something for everyone at Cape Lookout, The National Seashore in North Carolina. Activities available range from camping, stargazing, hiking, fishing, birding, light house climbing & horse watching. Our favorite is to go tent camping in the park or stay in a rustic cabin which both provide a nice getaway from the crowds. From June to October you can bring your own flashlight and explore the lighthouse while watching the sunset with a guided tour. Reservations are required, but you can always explore on your own as well. 


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Adventure Awaits. Let's go find it! 

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