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Replacement Remote

Exclusive replacement remote for MosquitoNix On The Go 

Have you lost, broke or misplaced your remote? Well, we have you covered! 



Restore your control over your MosquitoNix® On the Go portable misting system with a replacement remote control. Order yours today to replace a MosquitoNix On the Go remote that has been lost or broken.

Your insecticide dispensing system features an automatic mode powered by the patented Dusk and Dawn® sensor. It will automatically spray the specially designed, insect control formula at dusk and dawn (when placed in the right DUSK/DAWN + REMOTE mode), which are when mosquitos’ activity levels are at the highest.

While this system is convenient and effective, sometimes you need greater control over your bug spray dispenser. That’s where the MosquitoNix On the Go replacement remote comes in. It allows you to initiate on-demand sprays of botanical insecticide at the touch of a button, giving you greater control and comfort in the outdoors (When placed in the right - DUSK/DAWN + REMOTE or left REMOTE ONLY mode). Do not use the remote to activate the dispenser more than twice per day when in the DUSK/DAWN + REMOTE mode. To avoid exposure to people, pets, or food near the MosquitoNix On The Go Dispenser, turn dispenser to OFF mode or REMOTE ONLY mode if people, pets, or food are present during or near dusk and dawn. 

This remote works from up to 50 feet away and can easily be used to control your backyard dispenser from inside your house. Even better, one remote can work on several dispensers at once creating a barrier of protection around your home, property, or business. You can also bring this remote anywhere that you take your misting system. This includes tailgating, hunting, RVing, camping and more. Killing mosquitos, ticks, flies, gnats and other flying insects has never been easier.